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Terms of Use

All orders are subject to product availability. If an item is not in stock at the time you place your order, we will notify you and refund you the total amount of your order, using the original method of payment. 

Items offered on the website are available for delivery to EU and international customers.


Delivery Time

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we make every effort to receive your order between 7 to 14 days of the date of your order.

Please note we do not ship on Sundays or holidays.

Date of delivery may vary due to carrier shipping practices, delivery location, method of delivery, and the items ordered.

Additional shipping charges may apply to remote areas. You will be advised of any charges as soon as we receive your order.

Sales tax or custom dues may be applicable according to the province or territory to which the item is shipped. The courier will notify you regarding these extra costs.

If there is any damage to the packaging on delivery, contact us immediately at info@berthelotti.com

If you have any questions about the delivery and shipment or your order, please contact us at info@berthelotti.com


We accept returns. You can return unopened items in the original packaging within 14 days of your purchase with receipt or proof of purchase. If 14 days or more have passed since your purchase, we cannot offer you a refund or an exchange.

Upon receipt of the returned item, we will fully examine it and notify you via email, within a reasonable period of time, whether you are entitled to a return. If you are entitled to a return, we will refund your purchase price and a credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment.

Only regular priced items may be refunded. Sale items are non-refundable.

To follow-up on the status of your return, please contact us at info@berthelotti.com

We only exchange goods if they are defective or damaged. In circumstances where you consider that a product is defective, you should promptly contact us at info@berthelotti.com

Refunds do not include any shipping and handling charges shown on the packaging slip or invoice. Shipping charges for all returns must be prepaid and insured by you. You are responsible for any loss or damage to hardware during shipment. We do not guarantee that we will receive your returned item. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. Any amounts refunded will not include the cost of shipping.


1. Upon completion of the order www.berthelotti.com, automatically send alert message to the e-mail user, informing him of the success of the order.

1.2. Delivery is only for successful orders. In preparing the order, the user will be informed by e-mail to deliver the order to the courier for the transfer, to the appropriate address.

1.3. Deliveries of packages are made daily except on Sundays and holidays.

1.3.1 Standard delivery – from 3-5 working days depending on the recipient’s address – available for products in stock for Greece. For other countries you will be contacted via email for delivery time, depending on the destination country.

1.3.2 Extended delivery – within 30 calendar days from the order confirmation from our consultants via e-mail – for products in pre-order.

1.4. Delivery is made to the exact address specified by the customer (or the residence or working space, or the city nearest branch of courrier).

1.5. The sellers of the shop exempt from any responsibility in case of delay and / or failure to deliver due to force majeure such as bad weather, strikes, etc.

1.6. Shipping costs are free for the whole Greece, for foreign countries corresponding per-destination indicated in the customer order before the purchase is complete and written on the basket www.berthelotti.com website markets.

1.7. If the user does not provide the access and delivery of products to the address within that period or did not go to that office courier, the seller is exempt from the obligation to execute the requested supply.

1.8. If there is a failure of delivery of the buyer due to package and overcome the deadline for receipt of the courier, the parcel is returned to the seller who is exempt from the obligation to send the order.


2.1. The payment of the ordered products can be done in three ways, individually or combining them, as the amount to be paid does not change and no additional charges are added to process the payment, regardless of the payment method chosen.

2.1.1. With delivery to the distributor at the time of receipt

2.1.2. By credit or debit card.

2.1.3. By using paypall service.

2.2. The amount that the consumer must pay for each product is the price indicated in the online shop at the time of order. Company reserves the right to change product prices at any time and moment.

Terms of use

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between sellers and users (clients) that use electronic www.berthelotti.com store to buy products. Clicking on an object, image, link (different from that in general terms) or button to www.berthelotti.com website consider that you accept and agree to the terms. These general terms and conditions are consistent with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act (LCP), and regulations applicable to the Greek Republic.


” Salesman ” is an electronic portal www.berthelotti.com, owned from Panagiotis Karalis and serves as a virtual platform for the sale of goods. The seller is the person with whom the consumer enters into a remote contract of sale of a particular product (point) in the e-shop.

‘USER’ is the person who accepts and agrees with these terms and conditions in relation to the request (demand) and the purchase of goods offered in the online store

” E-Shop ‘is www.berthelotti.com website, which serves as a virtual platform for the presentation and sale of products as well as the process and the agreement between the seller and a consumer for the purchase of specific products .

” ORDER ” is the user’s request to buy one or more of a particular product (item) via the online store. The order is packed and sent by courier to the address indicated on the order from the customer address, after approval by email. The approval by email is done by sending an e-mail to confirm.

” CONTRACT OF SALE ” carried out remotely via the website of the shop between vendor and user.

” Courier / COURIER ” transfer and return the purchased product to the user in the address and function in accordance with the law of postal services.

“INFORMATION / COMMUNICATION” means emails with information about the online store of goods sold during a period of time, which can be found on the website and can be emailed to the user.


2.1. The ” visit ” the shop www.berthelotti.com, is completely free and accessible from all over the world.

2.2. To place purchase from the online store, registration is required by e-mail with the desired password or full name, e-mail, telephone and mailing address. Registration is completely free and is done by completing the registration form. Registered customers are able to take advantage of all the store services.

2.3. The user should determine the e-mail and password, personal details and shipping address.

2.4. Berthelorri.com registers and processes personal data of the user base of European Law on Personal Data Protection (PDP). Has the right to collect, process and use users’ personal data only for the needs of the shop, as well as is responsible for the protection of personal data which can not be used for other purposes or disclose it to third persons over sellers. (accepted from registered users)

2.5. In electronic www.berthelotti.com store, every product bears the price, essential features and some additional information. This is intended to inform the user correctly to help him make an informed choice when purchasing the product.

2.6. All product prices are final.

2.7. To the right of each item is the “Add to cart” button and the “Buy button without registration”. Click on the button “Add to Cart” saves the selected product in a virtual “basket” of the user. By pressing the “Buy” button the user can view the contents of the basket, add new products or abolish those he does not want, by pushing the second “buy button” show the client and the products chosen and can re-examine the virtual shopping cart. The order is activated by pressing the third button “Buy”.


3.1. To place an order at the online store, the user must determine:

3.1.1. The valid address of e-mail it.

3.1.2. The correct address for the delivery of the order.

3.1.3. Correctly fill in the contact information – name and telephone.

3.2. The order is triggered if the user has selected at least one product and has correctly followed the steps up to the checkout. At the end you should see the message that the order has been registered successfully.

3.3. When the order has been automatically sent e-mail to the e-mail user in the confirmation email indicating the order data, the order number, the time and date the order was placed.

3.4. If a particular product order is not available, the seller must notify the buyer. If the buyer does not agree to replace it with another product of the order can be canceled.

3.5. Orders in www.berthelotti.com accepted 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

3.6 All orders are packed on the day of confirmation and sent the next day. For any part of Greece the time necessary to deliver the least 3 working days and a maximum 20 working days.

3.7. Orders entered with the wrong data and we can not contact within 48 hours from receipt of the order by the buyer shall be canceled informing him via e-mail.

3.8. The buyer may cancel the order (before it was sent) without being obliged to give reasons for the refusal.

3.9. Cancellation may be made by phone or e-mail to e-mail indicated on the website: info@berthelotti.com. For a valid cancellation, the user must indicate: the order number, name, email address (e-mail) and the cost of the order


4.1. The buyer has the right to return the purchase within 10 working days of receipt of the order.

4.2. The refund of the purchase is made either in writing via email to info@berthelotti.com they should be the full name of the buyer, the product market, the number of the order and the date of receipt of the parcel.

4.3. Also, the buyer has the right to refuse the parcel when receiving from the courier if the receipt has been delayed for more than 7 working days in the absence of force majeure for deliveries within Greece and 30 days for delivery abroad.

4.4. After the purchase of cancellation the buyer is obliged to return the product intact, unused. Only if the buyer return the product be refunded to the buyer. Refunds are made only through bank account. The buyer must send an email to the bank account data to be repaid. Refunded within 15 working days from the day of sending email and does not include transport. You have the right to return product surrendered order within 10 working days and should be replaced with another product or to request a refund. After returning the item for a refund / replacement within and outside Greece would incur transport costs.
4.5. Return and replacement of goods carried when not meet some requirements such as:

– Defective product accidentally construction.
– Absent a part of the product.
– Receiving the wrong product.
– Has been damaged during transportation.

4.6. The request for the return and the change can be made via email to Info@berthelotti.com, while the products must be sent within 10 working days of receipt.

Once we receive the parcel, it takes 7 working days to process your order is returned to us. we will contact you when your order processed.

4.7. The request for return and change the buyer will also have to choose the product which will replace what is returned. It may so choose the same product, or can choose a completely different product. If the new product has a higher price, the buyer pays the difference or if it is lower, the difference is deducted from transport.

4.9. The return of products without error factory must meet the following conditions:

• The product is in good condition (not broken and can not be scratched, worn, washed, ironed).
• That there is no damage caused by use.
• Have the original packaging and labels.

4.10. The return of the product is made to the address indicated and on the parcel.


5.1. All information published on www.berthelotti.com website belong to the company ‘Berthelorri’ ‘including photos and product descriptions. The online store entitles users to publish the links mentioning www.berthelotti.com, other world wide web sites.

5.2. Copying and publication of texts and photos of www.berthelotti.com other online stores like disclosure without written consent.


10.1. Liability for defective products, market making and carrying out the replacement of a product to the seller. With every product shipment, the package, in addition to market product, includes a written market report with all details of the client and the order.

10.2. The Berthelotti not liable for third parties which consider that the publication of information in violation of copyright or other intellectual property.


11.1. During recording of the user on the website agrees and accepts the condition to receive informational e-mail, messages on his mobile phone and announcements Berthelotti on the status of the order and the website.

11.2. Users can at any time refuse to download informative email.

11.2.1. During the year the association has the opportunity in every announcement and message select the “delete” button.

11.2.2. The user has the right to request not to receive electronic messages via e-mail at info@berthelotti.com.

11.3. If the user but after the request of not receiving emails make new order again considered to have accepted the term for electronic messages and announcements.

11.4. The Berthelotti reserves the right to choose which users send electronic information messages and to whom would remove the option from the database.

11.5. The Berthelotti includes the electronic information of the advertising messages and information only for the products available in the online store.

These General Terms and Conditions accepted by the owner Berthelotti and the last change was made on 12.11.2015.

Privacy Policy
The Berthelotti respects the privacy of customers as well as the right to hide. Therefore, the Berthelotti committed to protecting the personal information provided by its customers. And also complies with the relevant provisions on the protection of personal data (2472/1997 on the protection of individuals against the processing of personal data) as applicable. For this reason, not collected information on personal data of visitors / users only if they provide themselves voluntarily. administration data constitute personal data for navigating the Berthelotti .com is not required or to access the contents except in such cases where in order for a visitor / user access to some offers, you must first become a member of http: //www.berthelotti.com/.

The Berthelotti collects some information only through the website via an online store “Berthelotti”, located at http: // www. Berthelotti .com / ( «Berthelotti») or through other websites that link to “Berthelotti”. Some personal information may be collected directly from users who come into contact ‘Berthelotti “. This document ( “Privacy Policy”) sets out the policies and procedures surrounding the collection and handling of such information that identifies an individual user or could be used for communication with him ( “Personal Information”, “Personal information “).

This privacy policy applies only to the online store “Berthelotti” and does not refer to any other page or service, nor other personal data controllers.


The ‘Berthelotti collects personal information in order to meet the demands of its customers, which may include: registering a personal profile, order processing, providing customer service, providing access to certain features of the online store, logging into email lists newsletters of the company as well as other activities organized by the company, participating in games, participation in newsgroups and forums or advertising activities.

The ” Berthelotti ‘collects the following personal information from users of the online store: name, postal code, email address, telephone number and personal interests. Further information, such as bank account data can only be collected with the consent of the consumer or if it is necessary to perform the service requested by him. Consumers, however, possess all the facts of their personal data.

With the consent of the use of the shop, the user automatically agrees to the provision and processing of personal data, as that will provide accurate and truthful information. He also says it has been informed about the type of personal data required for the processing for the purposes for which it will be used, and on their rights to access, correction, modification or deletion of their personal data.

Use of personal data

The ” Berthelotti ‘uses personal data to provide users the opportunity to create a personal profile on “Koketa”, to enable the processing of their order, the realization of their demands, confirmation of their order the offer additional items, services and events – it can occasionally include information from other companies about products and services useful for them, provide their payment options, to provide customer service for discount and commercial activities, and generally for that you need in order to ” Berthelotti ” by sellers to provide the service expected by customers for goods and services.

The user has the right to refuse the personal data to be used by the ” Berthelotti ” for advertising or commercial purposes. If the user wishes to refuse the use of data for advertising or commercial purposes, you should contact the ” Berthelotti ” contact information is provided in https://www.berthelotti.com website.

H ” Berthelotti ” can use the user’s information to generate aggregate statistical information is anonymous and perform statistical analyzes. The ” Berthelotti ” also uses such information to the extent required by the application of valid webshop terms of use to prevent imminent harm to persons or property.

The use of “cookies” and other technologies

“Berthelotti” uses “cookies” files to collect certain information from all users, including visitors to the website have not been and will not use these services from the “Berthelotti.com”. The cookies are a number of elements that sends the system ” berthelotti ” on a visitor’s computer, and then uses it to recognize the computer when he returned to the shop.

The cookies provide information on the use of the shop with the use of data that can be used to configure a customer profile and for visits to the page. For example, when a user returns to “Berthelotti.com”, the cookies do identify and directly find the user name (and not the password), so that it can be inserted faster in the account. The cookies also remind the user earlier activities in agencies and propose similar activities or services end, we use the information obtained through cookies for collecting statistics on the use of “Berthelotti”, such as how much time spent by users on the site and which pages visit often. These statistics do not include personal information.

By agreeing to use the service, the customer expresses express consent to the use of cookies. If you prefer not to receive cookies by Berthelotti.com “or by molding email, the user can set his browser to warn him in advance for cookies and gives the option to accept or to denied before browsing each page. a user can also refuse all cookies by disabling the browser’s.


The ” Berthelotti ” ensures the security of data transmitted by their customers through industrial, electronic and managerial procedures. Where necessary, the service uses SSL encryption to enhance the transmission of personal data security. The data is stored in controlled servers with limited access. Your data can be stored and used according to specific conditions and in accordance with the terms of GREEK Protection Communication and on the Privacy legislation.

For any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the contact details provided in info@berthelotti.com

Access personal data to a third party agents

The ‘Berthelotti’ ‘provides the user’s personal data to third parties (situated either in Bulgaria or in another EU country) only for the purposes of the award and execution of contracts for distance selling, including the distribution of goods at the customer’s. The data initially provided by the customer when submitting the order then provided to others, such as postal operators (courier companies) always within strict procedures to ensure confidentiality. The ” Berthelotti ” can not disclose personal information of its users to third parties that are not related to the activities of the company, unless otherwise provided in this Act and if what is explicit customer. Exclusions take account of cases where certain information is disclosed to lawyers, customs and other state authorities or the competent law enforcement authorities for possible violations, other violations of contract or illegal behavior. The applicable law of protection of personal data requires each registered personally responsible (including ” Berthelotti ”) to disclose any information requested by court order or required by law to prevent imminent danger to persons or things.

” Berthelotti ‘does not collect or process personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, participation in political parties or organizations, religious or philosophical organizations, political or trade-union membership and data concerning health, sexual life or the human genome.

As indicated above, the ” Berthelotti ” uses information for the collection of statistics on the use of “Berthelotti.com” .And can provide this information to third parties, but these statistics do not include personal data.

Links to third party websites

The ” Berthelotti ” can publish third material ( “Submission”) entitled “Berthelotti”, with the express permission of their owners, as required. Such materials may contain links to enable direct visit to other websites ( “Third Party Websites”).

If a customer chooses to visit a webpage third by “clicking” on the link or navigate to a third site, the customer will be directed to the third party website. The fact that the ‘Berthelotti offers the possibility of navigation, other links on the website, either through “Berthelotti.com” or by presenting a third banner ad or other type of advertising, to provide information to a third site, not an endorsement, authorization or representation of affiliation “Berthelotti” with such third party and should not be considered any cooperation with third party websites what the company policy, customers’ personal data and information security.

Access and correction of your personal data

Each client can access, correction, modification or deletion of part of his personal data stored by the online profile, which was recorded in “” Berthelotti.com ”

The ” Berthelotti “will store the user data for the period necessary to provide the services at the online store or if required by law. After this period the user’s personal data will be deleted.

Modification of this Privacy Policy

The ” Berthelotti ” may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a new version on this page or on a page successor. The new version will take effect from the date posted, which should be mentioned at the bottom of the page as a new date.